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Information for Providers

Florida Department of Health in Flagler County Epidemiology

Questions? Please call:

DOH-Flagler 386-437-7350 ext. 7081

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Do you have a patient who cannot afford treatment for a STD such as syphilis, gonorrhea or chlamydia?



If a patient has barriers that keeps them from getting treatment, the Department of Health will provide treatment (ex. Rocephin). If you refer the patient, we will schedule an appointment. However, walk-in patients without an appointment will not be turned away.

Questions or to refer a patient: Please call DOH-Flagler 386-437-7350 ext. 7081.

Having trouble contacting a patient with a test result? We can help!

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Your Department of Health is here to help to educate and reduce the number of STDs in Florida. Early notification is key to reducing infection.

When trying to notify a patient, physicians often tell us they have experienced:

  • A disconnected telephone number

  • Returned mailings

  • Patient not picking-up the prescribed medication.

  • Parents intercepting their child's telephone call and getting upset with the provider for not disclosing the reason for the call.

  • Spouses not being cooperative and demanding the reason for the telephone call.

Department of Health staff can help to locate patients and refer them back to your office. We also will call your office after the patient is located.

Questions? Please call DOH-Flagler 386-437-7350 ext. 7081.

A patient with two or more STD infections in the last six months?

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Department of Health staff can provide:

  • Additional counseling on STDs, mode of transmission, risk reduction counseling.

  • Education on different types and brands of protective barriers.

  • Effective coaching on encouraging the sex partner to be tested and treated.

Questions? Please call DOH-Flagler 386-437-7350 ext. 7081.

Physician Resources:

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Summary of 2015 CDC Treatment Guidelines. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

More information on the CDC Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment Guidelines and resources are online.